PDS4 Training

PDS School on YouTube

The PDS School channel hosts training and informational videos for the Planetary Data System (PDS). This includes introductory videos and will include instructional videos on PDS standards, tools, and step-by-step guides to creating a PDS4 archive.

Training for PDS4 has and will be provided at various community events. See materials from past science conferences below.

AGU PDS4 Training - December 10-14, 2018

The PDS had a booth at the Fall AGU 2018 meeting to provide PDS support to the scientific community. There were both scheduled classes in selected topics as well as signup for individual support sessions. Topics covered all stages of the archive process, from developing and costing a Data Management Plan through getting data through PDS peer review. Finding and using PDS data were also covered.

For more information of the trainings held, please contact: Joe Mafi, jmafi@igpp.ucla.edu

Europa Clipper PDS4 Training - June 15, 2018

A special training session was held for the Europa Clipper instrument team members following their PSG meeting at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The objectives of this training were to provide an introduction of PDS4 and to introduce the team members to available tools to aide them in their PDS4 development. Training was conducted by experienced PDS staff members from a number of discipline nodes.

AGU PDS4 Training - December 12-15, 2017

Small group PDS4 training was offered at the PDS booth in the Exhibition Hall of the AGU Fall 2017 meeting, held in New Orleans, LA, December 12-15, 2017. The objective of this training was to enable trainees to produce PDS4 archive products during as part of the training session. Trainees were encouraged to bring their own data to work with, though sample data products were provided as well. Training was conducted by experienced PDS staff members from a number of discipline nodes.

AAS/DPS Fall Meeting - October 15-20, 2017

Two training courses were offered at the 2017 AAS/DPS Fall meeting in Provo, Utah. The objective was to introduce key terms for working with PDS4 standards and to offer a guided exercise in working with building labels. While working on the exercise, node personnel were available to answer questions and help guide the participants in the exercise with direct one-on-one help.

3rd Planetary Data Workshop - June 14, 2017

In association with the 3rd Planetary Data Workshop, a PDS4 training session occurred on June 14, 2017. Topics included an introduction to PDS4 concepts, vocabulary and hands-on training on how to design a bundle and collections along with development of basic product labels for simple table and image files. Experienced PDS staff members were on hand to answer questions and offer help as needed.